DoseSystem Update on April 15th 2020, at 21:00

Now it is  finally happening, the release will be launched tomorrow, pls. read carefully. 

We are ready to help you as always on tlf. +45 7070 7447, please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 


Important information the day after the update: 15th. of April:

  1. The updated DoseSystem Notifications App must be downloaded and you must login to the new app again, in order to receive PUSH-messages. (OBS:The old App does not funktion any longer). Double check if you have selected the correct domains you want to keep an eye on. Run a test.
  2. New software for all DoseCans. Remember to follow up by checking if medicine has been acknowledged og if there is "No connection to the Device" at 10:43 on the 16th of April. 
  3. New and updated user interface, you should be able to recognize all the features. 


DoseCan update on April 15th. during the day.

  1. DoseCan FirmWare updates will re released on the 15th. in the morning. The DoseCans will automatically be updated during the day, if they are plugged into a power-charger. 
    1.  DoseCans will be updated to the newest version. 
    2. The FirmWare has eliminated errors and added new features such as ”Pausing” and ”*Forward DoseCan til Smartphone”. *Forwarding only works for V2 and NFC DoseCans.
    3. Error corrections, reg. the recharge been improved and the white screen error eliminated, Modem error with newest DoseCans has been corrected.


More about the update, pls. look here:

As as prof. care provider: Quick Guide - Prof. UK

As a private user: Quick Guide - Privat UK

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