How do I become Back-up?


With DoseSystem MultiBackup app, it becomes possible to receive PUSH messages on your phone or tablet. This means that you can receive red flag / alarms from a single DoseCan or an entire domain / area.
The App's only function is to allow the smartphone to receive alarms from the connected DoseCans.

Install app: Download the DoseSystem MultiBackuo 2.0 app ifrom Google Play to your smartphone.

For more info pls. look here: MultiBackup 2.0 EN


Push messages are warnings about lack of acknowledgment of medication or if DoseCan is out of power, is outside the network, or if there would be occurred HW error. This is the person's backup task of contacting DoseCan the user to aid in medication.


DoseSystem MultiBackup does not work on Android phones older than V4.4.X



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