DoseLight and DoseButton



DoseSystem introduces a new solution, which we call DoseLight. The solution works on the medicine-users own phone, with our updated DoseSystem App. The patient simply scans the correct medication at the right time to confirm. The solution is used together with the "DoseButton" to acknowledge for eye drops etc.

DoseLight is for medicine-users who don't want to be stigmatized with a medicine-reminder in their home and whom has:

  1. A SmartPhone of recent date.
  2. May have the medication freely available
  3. Is cognitively well functioning.


Very important:
The Sigfox button only works if there is a SIGFOX signal in your area.
Sigfox does not work well deep inside buildings. Therefore, use the button close to a window to assist with the signal.
The receipt can take minutes to reach the log.
On the iOS app: The PUSH acknowledgment message must be activated before the alarm stops.
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